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Ruby Levine



Mental Health Practitioner, Licensed Graduate Social Worker

My name is Ruby (she/her) and I am a licensed graduate social worker. I am passionate about supporting adult clients (18+) in building lives more aligned with their true selves and desires. 


I am particularly interested in working with queer and trans adults and the parents of queer and trans children (who may be queer and/or trans themselves). As the oppression of queer and trans people ramp up, it is important to me to create a caring, healing space for members of our community seeking support. 


As a trained abortion doula, I am deeply connected to issues around pregnancy, and take an all-options approach to supporting each individual in their own journey towards birthing children or not, and towards parenting or not. 


What is it like to be in therapy with me? As a matter of personality and training, I will ask you direct, sometimes uncomfortable questions to help reveal new truths to yourself. I believe that the therapeutic relationship is a practice ground for new ways of relating to people, and I will invite you to try out new skills through the process of our work together. This includes setting boundaries within the therapy relationship so you can experience holding them with someone who wants to respect them. 


It is important to me that you feel full ownership of your healing journey, which neither starts nor ends with our relationship. We will set, track, and update your treatment goals together, to ensure that therapy stays focused on the things you care about. I will draw on intellectual traditions including disability justice, which can include you whether or not you identify as disabled, and parts work, which helps draw out and integrate disparate parts of the self. 


Due to COVID, I am not seeing clients in person at this time, and all sessions will be conducted via a telehealth platform.

Ruby is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, HealthPartners, Cigna, UCare, and UCare PMAP insurances. Please double check with your network to ensure coverage. (Ruby bills under Dr. Kai Gunty, PhD.)


Ruby Levine
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