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Laura Akers



Mental Health Practitioner, Licensed Graduate Social Worker

My name is Laura (she/her) and I am a pre-licensed clinical social worker. I love working with neurodivergent and LGBTQIA+ children of all ages and their families. I specifically enjoy working with young neurodivergent people on emotional identification, communication skills, sensory needs, social understanding, and psychoeducation on internal systems and function of behavior.  My goal is to help young autistic people understand the aspects of their neurotype as a pathway to finding confidence in their identity and self-expression.

My experience lies in supporting those with anxiety, depression, attachment trauma and disorders, relational or communication concerns (especially the parent-child relationship), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD/C-PTSD), family of origin, and the complex ways that neurodivergence impacts these experiences. My background is in social work and behavior management, as well as having experience in the special education school system. I also have fluency in American Sign Language (ASL), and have frequently worked with children who are Deaf/Hard-Of-Hearing/CODA. I believe that all behavior is a form of communication, and some of our work as a team is translating that communication into mutual understanding. 

I enjoy helping families create better relationships through focus on using person-centered interventions drawing from a range of modalities, including humanistic, behavior, attachment, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills, psychodynamic, narrative, trauma-informed, skills work, play, and emotional regulation. 

The most effective healing work comes from a supportive and trusting relationship, and I aim to provide that for each client and their families. Forming that relationship is something I find vitally important for this work, and I will take those steps with you at your own pace. We will be a team working together to find a combination of strategies and approaches that are meaningful to you. I enjoy being able to provide new perspectives and finding creative ways to adjust habits that aren’t functional or helping you anymore. 

I provide a non-judgmental, accepting, and safe environment where all emotions can be experienced and expressed. Often we adopt the expectations of others as our personal goals, and I believe through self-reflection and growth we are able to determine our own intrinsic goals. I provide support with the knowledge and understanding of  hope to support people on all  of the societal and systemic levels that impact their well-being and healing journey.

Laura is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, HealthPartners, Cigna, UCare, and UCare PMAP insurances. Please double check with your network to ensure coverage. (Laura bills under Dr. Kai Gunty, PhD.)


Laura Akers
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