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Adam Cook


Intern, Marriage and Family Therapy

My name is Adam (he/him) and I am an intern in couple and marital therapy. My passion includes working with LGBTQIA+ couples, families and individuals including adolescents. I provide affirming care that creates a space for clients to feel heard and accepted as we work together to allow you to thrive, individually and in your relationships.


I also work with relationships inclusive of all sexual orientations to explore and navigate different forms of consensual and ethical non-monogamy. The compulsory expectations of monogamy can leave many couples feeling isolated and marginalized. Together, we can identify new ways to communicate, create boundaries and agreements to ensure all partners’ needs are met while feeling loved, secure, and safe. 


My clinical practice draws from experiential approaches and a narrative lens.  Having trained in emotionally focused therapy (EFT), I help clients explore how emotions are connected to unresolved attachments to feel safe and secure in relationships. We also process and unpack the stories we internalize from our surroundings and society in order to give new meanings to who you are and how you wish to live authentically.


I will be working under supervision of Dr. Kai Gunty beginning October 9th pursuing my licensure in marriage and family therapy. I will be providing in-person and Telehealth services to best fit your needs on a first come basis. 

Adam is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, HealthPartners, Cigna, UCare, and UCare PMAP insurances. Please double check with your network to ensure coverage. (Adam bills under Dr. Kai Gunty, PhD.)

Adam Cook
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